Ideal Inspiration Blogger Award 2020

Thank you so much Princess for nominating me for this award! Her blog in a way is your own online therapist as she so kindly helps anxious people like me with her self care guides. And hey, if you’re a person looking for someone to share their journey towards sustainability, you should check out Princess’…Continue reading »


I’ve just become like the old toys you had joyfully played with at some point of time in your life. Forgotten, worn out, dusty and abandoned. I’ve just become like the glitzy guitar that stands alone in the corner of your room, dusted with cloth every day, yet no strings of it ever played. I’ve…Continue reading »

Tired of Corona Times

I am tired. Tired of doing nothing, but sleep, eat, drink coffee and repeat. Tired of not having homework to worry about, or tests to be prepared for. Tired of not being able to read as much as I thought I would. I am sorry for not being enthusiastic to read about you, Little Red…Continue reading »

Shifty Seasons, Momentary Moods

I often wonder, why do these seasons bring along the shift in moods? From the carefree and lazy summer mornings at the beaches, to the cold, dull, and melancholic yet magical and mystical winter afternoons at a park. From the colourful and youthful ardour of the spring mornings under cherry blossoms, to cool orange and…Continue reading »


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